PicsArt vs Pixlr: Select the best Photo Editor 2024

If you’ve never used one of these well-known editors, check out this comparison between Picsart vs Pixlr to help you decide which best meets your needs. With these web tools, you may add effects to your photos and make attractive social media graphics, banner advertising, and YouTube thumbnails.

To determine which is superior, let’s compare PicsArt vs Pixlr. This comparison of PicsArt vs Pixlr software is based on actual user feedback. To determine which program is better for your needs lets find out PicsArt vs Pixlr which is a better fit for your company, compare the costs, features, support, usability, and user reviews.

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Unlike other photo editing programs, PicsArt lets users edit photos with the ability to remove people from the background and offers automatic face recognition. Additionally, you can get various original solutions for your photoshoots on this well-known social network for photographers.


With Pixlr, you can rapidly edit a photo and add text, stickers, and various effects. Both an advanced version and a beginner’s version are available. You can compare a modified image to a source photo and utilize professional brushes and regular editing tools.


Because of its thoughtful user interface, PicsArt is ideal for even novice creatives. Although the abundance of icons and graphics may initially confuse you, you can quickly locate all the functionality you could require.


The first thing you’ll notice about Pixlr is that it resembles Photoshop and has a simple user interface. For novices, though, it might be too difficult. Getting the hang of Photoshop or other PC photo editing software could be challenging if you have never used it before. On the other hand, novices can practice using professional tools and sharpen their editing abilities with Pixlr.


A crop, dispersion, clone, stretch, motion, perspective, curves, and shape crop tool are among the expert options available in PicsArt. You can choose from various stickers other users make or utilize free pictures from the built-in library. To further enhance the appearance of your photographs, like hand-drawn paintings, you may choose from various brushes and apply layers.

You may also modify curves with PicsArt. You may adjust the exposure and contrast with a unique tool in just a few clicks.


Pixlr provides a simple editing toolset that lets you rotate and crop photographs. In addition, you have access to more sophisticated features like the spot healing brush tool, auto fix, adjustment, blur, splash, smooth, sharpen, red eye, and double exposure. This tool offers a unique collection of painting choices. Additionally, you may utilize a doodle tool, darken or pixelate your photographs, and alter brightness and saturation.

A selection of borders and stickers that can be applied with a single click can also be found here. You can alter the text’s typeface, color, and opacity while changing it.


You may also add a wide range of effects with PicsArt, including blur, artsy, pop art, paper, distort, and color/splash. You can always use the eraser tool to remove an effect from specific places, even though some effects are impossible to adjust. Another useful feature lets you rapidly remove a filter from locations where a person’s face or body is automatically recognized.

This app supports HDR adjustment. Use the HDR effect to brighten the bright parts and darken the dark ones in your shot. You may add realism to your image in this way.

Expert photographers enjoy utilizing the mirror effect as it allows them to produce symmetrical shots. The tilt-shift tool in PicsArt is handy for creating the diorama effect. You can use it to turn ordinary photos into images of miniature models. It makes the appearance of a narrow depth of field and blurs some parts of an image.


The best thing about Pixlr is that you can apply several styles and effects with only one click. Any styles offered, including a pencil, drawing, poster, cross, watercolor, Polly, etc., can be chosen.

In addition, various effects are available, including atomic, creative, unicolor, vintage, old, subtle, and soft. Also, you’ll discover helpful overlays here that let you easily add effects like bubbles, glitter, glaze, metal, burn, and more.

Pixlr is unique among other apps in that all the effects are easily customizable. For example, you can add a glaze overlay and then tweak it with the scroll bar.


If you need clarification on PicsArt, remember that you can work with layers in both programs. There are some distinctions, though. Layers can be created, duplicated, and merged in PicsArt. In addition, it contains the AI Auto mask tool and supports masks. With auto masking technology, users can rapidly choose the subject mask in this layered photo program.


Pixlr also supports layers. The layer blending mode is one of the available possibilities. You can change the transparency or fill your layers with color when editing.


The templates available on PicsArt are free. Qualified designers made them. You may use these templates to create brochures, invites, and other documents. You can choose a template and have your photographs automatically resized for your preferred social network.


There are built-in templates in both editors. Using social media themes that are in style, Pixlr allows you to make visually appealing Facebook posts, Instagram storefronts, YouTube thumbnails, and more. In addition, you can use these templates to create a CV, business card, brochure, newsletter, wedding invitation, or professional PowerPoint presentation.


PicsArt’s collage templates are categorized into multiple groups, including fashion, holidays, weddings, families, and birthdays. You may make your collages with PicsArt. You can further improve by using different typefaces and brushes, adding stickers, and applying effects.


Remember that Pixlr is an image editor that let you make collages with images, personalized shapes, and frames. Use the available collage templates to create a collage with these photo collage applications. After that, you can make more edits, such as adding images and altering the backdrop.

Collages of PicsArt vs Pixlr


PicsArt is a popular option for people looking to make quick and artistic adjustments because of its extensive library of pre-made filters and user-friendly interface. With only a few taps, users of PicsArt can quickly and easily add a variety of effects to their photographs, such as fashionable overlays and vintage-inspired filters, to improve their visual appeal. 


Pixlr stands out for having a layering solid system that accommodates users who need more exact control over their compositions and sophisticated editing features. Users can easily make complicated patterns and sophisticated adjustments with Pixlr since it allows them to work on different elements of their photographs separately.

Using Common Tools: PicsArt vs Pixlr


PicsArt is available for free. In addition to standard tools and filters, you can access millions of stock pictures, over 100 typefaces, stickers, and templates.

The monthly cost of the paid version is $4.66. Access across platforms, sophisticated picture and video settings, more than 1,000 typefaces, more than 1,000 templates, more than two million high-resolution stock photographs, and more than 10,000 stickers are all included. Additionally, watermark-free high-resolution pictures can be saved here.


Remember to use Pixlr for free while choosing between PicsArt and Pixlr. But the range of tools available to you will be restricted. If you’d want even more, Pixlr X and E provide you access to a conventional editing toolkit and an extensive library of overlays and stickers.

You may subscribe to Pixlr Premium for $4.90 monthly to use even more features. Pixlr X and E’s primary benefit is that you will have access to a complete toolkit, 3,000 extra overlays, 7,000 additional icons and stickers, and 5,000 texts. Additionally, the AI technologies supported by these versions will enable you to clip out any portion of your shot rapidly.

Cost & Pricing of PicsArt vs Pixlr

A fantastic choice for would-be retouchers is PicsArt. Utilizing this service is simple. You can make images for social media networks here. This online service will also function better for you than its rivals if you like to operate on a tablet.

Both novices and experts will find Pixlr’s collection of tools useful. You can use your phone or computer to edit. In addition, you will have access to high-end effects, filters, and editing tools.

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