Picsart vs lightroom: Which is perfect for editing in 2024

picsart vs lightroom
picsart vs lightroom

While there are some practical similarities between PicsArt vs Lightroom, their primary functions differ since they are designed for different purposes,lets start the comparison of Picsart vs lightroom.

PicsArt is a terrific option if you want to modify pictures with automatic tools, add a distinctive effect, attach a sticker to your photos, or even adorn images with natural glare or themed frames.

For in-depth and accurate colour correction, Lightroom offers many capabilities, such as intricate HSL, curves, and brush spot changes. The editor also lets you apply presets and batch-process photos to expedite your productivity. One other noteworthy feature is RAW support.

PicsArt MOD APK is a highly user-friendly design that makes all the tools easily accessible, making it easy for beginners to navigate the application. There are over fifteen tools, including stickers, face-correction tools, effects, and more.

Designed with an alternative methodology, Lightroom’s interface comprises twelve modules dedicated to a distinct purpose. Each module has a unique collection of tools.

For instance, all fundamental photo settings—such as white balance, brightness, shadows, etc.—are under the “light” module. Professional, automated, and manual colour correction tools, such as curves and HSL, are available in the “colour” area.

Sadly, PicsArt only offers a few automatic tools. With these tools, one can add a mask to eliminate red eyes and smooth skin (though the latter is done wrongly). For all other modifications, the desired effect is obtained by moving sliders. Nonetheless, a wide range of effects that may be added to a photo with just one click will undoubtedly appeal to inexperienced users.

Lightroom offers more automatic options than PicsArt to help you eliminate red-eye effects by deleting spots and extraneous objects. Additionally, there are all standard sliders and curves for modifying colour using AI methods. This is crucial when choosing between PicsArt and Lightroom as an image editing app.

AI-Powered Mobile Editing Tools
Practical Widgets and Instagram Effects

There are lots of unique and intriguing widget effects available in PicsArt. Above all, I enjoy effects like splash, pop art, paper, distortion, blur, and embellishment. I went into further depth about these impacts by comparing PicsArt and Pixlr. It is rare to discover comparable outcomes on social media platforms. You can also utilise a variety of stickers, picture frames, free backgrounds, brushes, highlights, and other practical tools. Additionally, collages and posters can be made in a few minutes.

If all you do is apply stickers to photos to make them seem better, Lightroom’s creative features will surprise you. With the help of this tool, you may edit photos automatically and manually, apply presets and eliminate extraneous elements.

The HDR tool in PicsArt can increase contrast in bright regions and brightness in darker ones. You can also utilise the “Curves” tool under the tools area for more complex colour and shading correction. You can adjust the brightness, contrast, clarity, colour, tone, temperature, and shadows with the “setting” feature.

In the ongoing PicsArt vs. Lightroom debate, Lightroom maintains its advantage in color correcting. Its features include HSL, three colour curves, selective tone correction, and the ability to adjust brightness, contrast, white balance, highlights, shadows, and sharpness.

In auto mode, every instrument has customisable settings. The output is always accurate because the developer puts a lot of effort into integrating sophisticated algorithms.

Accurate Use of Colors

For intricate skin augmentation, PicsArt has a dedicated “Retouch” menu. Many tools for face skin retouching are available there, including those for removing wrinkles, smoothing the skin, eliminating bags under the eyes, correcting skin tone, changing the colour of your hair and eyes, teeth whitening, and more.

You can use an automatic skin retouching function if you don’t want to examine these setup options. Unfortunately, this tool rarely produces correct results, mainly when used on photos taken in dimly lit environments or with many objects in the frame.

Lightroom provides customers with several precise and valuable tools for improving skin quickly and effectively. The most widely used tools are “Spot Removal” and “how to face swap in lightroom” and “Mask,” which may remove scars, redness, acne, and other flaws.

Additionally, you can benefit from semi-automated techniques that help brighten the model’s face, like “Graduated Filter” and “Red Eye Correction”. Additionally, there is an “Adjustment Brush” for adjusting shadows, contrast, and exposure. The best feature is the ability to alter a particular region rather than the entire face.

Lightroom or Photoshop quicktools? PicsArt will let you down in this regard, I promise. You can only work with JPG and PNG files in this area.

Lightroom delights users with broad export format support, unlike its rival. Edited photos can be exported as PSD, JPEG, TIFF, RAW, HEIF / HEIC, DNG, CMYK, PNG, and more formats.


You have multiple subscription choices when using PicsArt: $4.99/month or $49.99/year. A premium edition of the program gives you access to more photo and video editing settings. For instance, you can apply various effects and perform sophisticated portrait editing .


Despite being a professional picture editor, Lightroom is available for free download and usage. However, you can sign up for a paid subscription if the functionality and tools are insufficient and you want access to spot editing, eliminating unnecessary objects, etc. The monthly minimum for the “Photography” plan is $9.99 or $19.99, based on the amount of cloud storage (100GB or 1TB).

If you want to apply unique filters or humorous stickers, PicsArt is fantastic. It is far less effective as a photo editing tool than the Lr mobile version. Still, it works well for colleges.

Lightroom will satisfy you with its automated and configurable color-correcting features. To expedite your productivity, you can apply presets and perform batch editing.

When comparing the two options, reviewers discovered that Picsart was easier to use, set up, and administer. However, reviewers preferred working with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom overall. Reviewers thought that Adobe Photoshop Lightroom met their business needs better than Picsart.

Is Lightroom free for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices? Lightroom for mobile offers all of its capture, organizing, and sharing tools for free. You can also utilize the majority of the editing tools for free. Upgrading unlocks premium features and allows you to work from any device.

  • Video Editing
  • Collage and drawing tool
  • Social Media Templates
  • AI tools
  • Include text, stickers, and fonts
  • Presets for color grading.
  • Light controlling
  • Masking Raw Supports

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