PicsArt vs Canva: Which is Better to Use for You? A Complete Guide 2024

PicsArt vs Canva, two online graphic editors, are fantastic resources. They spare you from downloading editing software and let you generate entertaining or professional-looking photographs. With these editing tools, you can make attractive marketing posts for your website, online store, and social media accounts.

But which one is the most excellent? We examine the features of both Canva and Picsart in this comparison to see which one is superior.

picsart vs canva

Picsart is among the most excellent Canva substitutes and has great potential. It gains from an enormous selection of expertly created templates. Additionally, it is user-friendly, and the editor offers complete control over the editing process. Gold is quite reasonably priced. It is more affordable than Canvas options if you are a lone proprietor or require a single-access account.

But Picsart also has a lot of disadvantages. For instance, the mobile app has to be improved. It is overly wordy and complicated. Additionally, the web browser editor may be faster in several areas. Additionally, the multi-user pricing plans are typically significantly more costly than the Canva substitutes.

Canva is a flexible platform for visual design. It is frequently regarded as the industry standard for this design solution, and Canva can assist you with any goal! For instance, you may create amusing drawings to show off to friends using the free plan for personal use. Alternatively, the Pro plan and its resources are ideal for producing marketing collateral for your company. The Canva website boasts an extensive dashboard and is user-friendly. We appreciate the wide selection of templates. It’s simple to look for templates using various filters.

But it Could be moren’t flawless. For example, we would like to see a more reasonably priced premium plan for single users. Additionally, there may be some lag in the mobile app when loading the templates and editor.


The focal point of these platforms is the editor. It’s what you employ to produce your amazing designs. The editor should be simple to use in theory. You should have exceptional freedom and control over your designs with it as well.


Although Picsart is an excellent editor, there are a few minor usability concerns.The minimalistic style and toolbar layout appeal to us. The Picsart editor features a major toolbar on the left side, just like the Canva editor. You can customize your design using many elements from here, including text, images, stickers, and templates.Any of these toolbars can be clicked to open a new tab. You can choose each component separately here.

It’s an easy approach that facilitates user-friendlineYou. You can easily incorporate text and photos into your designs to produce polished marketing materials.The individual element modification is a drawback. When you click on an element in Canva, a toolbar with all the necessary element editing choices opens right above the design. 


Canva’s editor is excellent. The toolbars’ tendency to feel a little cluttered is the sole drawback. Apart from that, consumers have complete control over their design, and it’s simple to use.

The basic toolbar is located on the left. This covers the many components you can use in your designs, such as text, uploads, videos, and templates. Each of these tools opens in a separate tab when you click on it. You can choose certain components to include in your design there. It’s simply sufficient that anyone should be able to understand the rules.
In addition, the Canva editor offers an easy-to-understand interface. Even without any prior experience with graphic design, you ought to be able to use the tools to produce something lovely.

PicsArt vs Canva: Feature Comparison

When using these kinds of online services, the user dashboard is crucial. You want your designs to be easily accessible. And it ought to be simple for you to control your settings.


The Picsart user dashboard is not as same and simple as Canva. The first thing is figuring it out. There’s no obvious section on the dashboard. Your collections are shown on the Picsart however, theree. There doesn’t seem to be any other way to access your designs or control your, though. It’s perplexing and exasperating.

More dashboard features are available with the Gold plan. Still, it’s not as sophisticated as Canva and falls short. It also lacks the same level of feature depth. For instance, post-scheduling cannot be done using the calendar feature. It does, however, feature a branding tool.


Canva’s user interface is really good. You can use the Home link to visit your dashboard. You can choose from a variety of dashboard options on the left. These consist of your teams, tools, trash, files, and designs. It’s very clear and straightforward to use.

Your designs can now be managed easily thanks to this. If you work in a team, it also makes it possible for you to collaborate quickly and easily. It can display team designs and items like content planners and brand kits, for instance.

These two features are a great addition to the user dashboard. Brand kits are ideal for promoting businesses. It is possible to make brand kits with typefaces, color schemes, and logos. 

Dashboard for Users:PicsArt vs Canva

Stylish and easy to use interface. 

With many of editing capabilities, the user interface is tidy, light, and well-organized. You may quickly swipe down to view every photo in your social media feed on the Home screen. All it takes is one mouse click to follow other people. Additionally, users of the platform are able to remix, like, comment on, and repost photographs that have the hashtag #FreeToEdit. If there is a number next to the blue Remix pencil icon, you can click it to find out how many people have remixed the image.

Cross-platform tool

PicsArt functions flawlessly on Windows 10 PCs, iPhones, iPads, and Android devices. Additionally, there is a tablet-specific version of the platform. Installing the app on your smartphone or using the internet version to browse the stream on a large screen are your options. As a result, accessing your files while on the go is simple. Both the mobile app and the web platform offer the same functionalities.

Lots of drawing tools. 

Similar to Photoshop, the toolkit contains tools including curves, masks, clone/stamp, cropping with shape, brushes, borders, text, and lens flares. In addition, over 20 different brushes and 3D-transforming forms are available for use. A brush’s opacity, size, and other characteristics can be changed. Additionally, layers are an option when drawing. 

simple editing Options.

I discovered that PicsArt and Canva share the same basic editing features. PicsArt may be used to address minor flaws like red eye correction, teeth whitening, and the removal of undesired items with the Stamp & Clone tool. Additionally, the Blemish tool works wonders for removing skin imperfections. Although the cloning feature is useful, it is not as advanced as comparable tools in high-end picture editing software.

Occasional crashes 

Some users can be put off by crashes and poor response times to certain commands. Your designs are lost in the event of a program crash, and you will have to restart from scratch.

limited possibilities for sharing

Regretfully, PicsArt-edited photographs cannot be shared on the majority of social media platforms. On certain social networking platforms, it might be feasible, but the image quality will be subpar.

Batch processing

The batch processing tool, which lets you edit up to 50 photographs at once, is highly appreciated by users. As a result, you can quickly eliminate backgrounds, boost resolution, and resize several images.

Choices for social networks. 

On a social network platform called PicsArt, users may tag photos and post comments. Additionally, you can exchange pictures with the people you love most.

Excellent UI. 

With Canva, editing photos takes place within a single window. It is not necessary to navigate between pages and tabs. Your workspace, which is fixed in the middle of the screen, is where all of the instruments are. You can personalize the workspace by expanding and contracting the sidebar menu.

A drop-and-drop text editor. 

The drag-and-drop feature expedites the editing of images and videos. Besides, using templates, elements, and fonts won’t cause you any problems. Canva will provide all the necessary materials once you select the design template. Simply drag and drop them onto your image, making any necessary adjustments. The procedure quickens considerably. 

Incorporates services from other parties.

When weighing PicsArt against Canva, this may be the deciding factor for some consumers. Integrations with stock photo sites (Pexels, Pixabay, Emoji), posting services (Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, Instagram), and other major services (QR Code, Google Maps, Giphy, Google Drive, Dropbox, HubSpot, Box, Typeform, Brandfetch) are all supported by the software. As a result, you can quickly import or export the necessary information and locate it with ease.

Lots of export choices.

JPG, PNG, SVG, and MP4 are among the formats that Canva supports for import and export. Additionally, you may work with PPTX (Microsoft PowerPoint) and PDF Standard and Print. Remember that the designs that are exported as PPTXs might not seem the same in Microsoft PowerPoint. Editing files or downloading and installing the fonts you used in Canva can be necessary.

Disappointing section under “help”

Although Canva’s “help” section is comprehensive and educational, many users acknowledge that these instructions are difficult to understand. Professional words are used in many articles, making them difficult for beginners to understand.

For novice photo retouchers, PicsArt is an excellent option. Editors with less expertise or those in the digital field might benefit more from this program. Because PicsArt boasts an easy-to-use interface and several automatic capabilities, it is commonly considered picture editing software suitable for novices. Additionally, it features incredibly responsive versions for smartphones and tablets.

For anyone searching for a sophisticated editor to work with images, graphics, and even videos, Canva is an excellent choice. Its large toolkit makes it one of the most widely used apps for photographers. Beginners and experts who specialize in marketing and work visuals who don’t want to install bulky software on their smartphones can both benefit from the program.

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