How to blur the background of a photo in Picsart?

Sometimes, when you capture photos of your best moments, you don’t focus on who is around, but you feel awkward when you see your pictures later. Most probably, chances are you took photos at a crowded place, at a restaurant, or with people in the background.

The worst scenario is when someone else is the focus instead of you. If you want to be the target person of your pics, don’t fret. You will learn some fantastic methods with which you shall be able to learn how to blur pictures. Above all, You can blur the background on Android or iPhone after taking the photo.

To change the focus of the image, you can apply the blurred photo effect. To use this effect, you have to learn how to blur specific parts of an image, blur background images, and blur in picsart.

thepicsartapk blur background in picsart

The blur effect is one of the most popular features in pictures. The blur feature in Picsart Mod Apk allows you to give your photos a DSLR-style look.

Countless photo apps blur pictures in the background. These include Photoshop, Picsart, and many other apps with which you can draw blur effects.

How to Blur the Background in Picsart

If you want to blur the background in a few simple steps, you can achieve this using the Picsart blur tool. Here is a step-by-step procedure:

1. Upload Your photo

Firstly, open PicsArt on your mobile and click on the Plus sign at the bottom to start your new project. Select and upload the photo from the gallery on which you want to apply the blur effect.

blur background in picsart

Additionally, if you want to practice, you can select any image from the picsart creative commons library before implementing your pics.

2. Apply the blur tool

Select the blur tool from the tools panel. Choose primary blur effect.  There will be many options comprising motion blur, smart blur, Focal blur, and Radial blur.

thepicsartapk blur background in picsart
thepicsartapk blur and fade

If you want to focus on a particular area, you can use the focal blur option from the menu. This effect will blur background only, and the target area will be focused. Apply one by one to check which suits your taste.

remove person
blur bg

3. Erase the subject

Click the eraser icon and move it across your image to focus the target. For any changes, you can zoom in on your image. Furthermore, you can adjust the following to adjust the size and opacity of the image and make it more professional.

erase extra parts

4. Save Your work

Now your photo is ready with blur background. However, if you only want to keep it on your mobile, you can download it to your gallery.

save work

Motion Blur

As the name suggests, this filter looks excellent on images where some vehicles are involved. You can adjust the intensity according to your need.

Focal Blur

This effect helps to change the dimension of the image and gives a motion look to the photo. This effect is sound when you want to show high speed.


To summarize, You can do smart, blur face, motion, automatic, and side blur in picsart. Similarly, you can blur a video in picsart. If you follow and apply the same steps as told above, you can make the background blurry. Even you can remove blur from the image.

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